WISE Within Mentor Program


Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Opportunity to give back to women in the industry by guiding and nurturing the next generation of leaders.
  • Expand professional networks, including interaction with other mentors and program alum.
  • Learn the values, expectations and work styles of mid-level professionals.
  • Satisfaction from developing and helping someone else grow and see her succeed in her career goals.
  • Broaden your perspective on work-related issues.
  • Enhance your communication and relationship skills.
  • Opportunity to reflect upon and share the successes and challenges of your personal career journey.
  • Receive recognition as a mentor within WISE and the industry.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

  • Learn from someone who has extensive experience in the industry, pitfalls to avoid, ways to gain strategic visibility and how someone else has reached the executive level.
  • Gain new perspectives and strategies on industry, company and professional challenges.
  • Expand professional networks and resource base.
  • Develop a focus and direction congruent with your career goals.
  • Opportunity to explore new ideas and alternatives.